Winter Greens

Hens on ryegrass Hens on ryegrass 2

Even on dreary winter days here in central Texas, the healthy hens at Pecan Bluff Farm still have green grass to snack on. And that is what makes our eggs so delicious! We keep greens growing all year round for all our animals, and it takes lots of planning and good old fashioned hard work. Here, the hens are grazing ryegrass. We also plant wheat and clover for them to enjoy through the winter months. The beautiful, soft rains we’ve had this month have been a true blessing, falling gently on the farm and keeping the pastures growing and healthy.


So, next time you taste a farm fresh egg from Pecan Bluff, you’ll know what really makes the difference ~ fresh air, room to roam, and healthful green grass for our hens ~ all year round!

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