Welcome, spring!

Spring has sprung here at Pecan Bluff Farm! The birds are singing, the grass is growing, and all the animals are thriving.

Spring Chicken

Our sweet livestock guardian dogs are keeping watch over all the free ranging hens. Our hens hop off the roosts at the break of day and start foraging.  All day long they eat grass and bugs, scratch for grit, and fluff in the dust to keep their feathers clean. They come back to their hen house to rest or to lay eggs in our nifty roll out nest boxes. The dogs warn them when hawks threaten, and the hens duck for cover under trees while Angel and Gabby chase off the predators and keep everyone safe. Soon, the hens are back at work, scratching and pecking. What a great life for a hen!


The fruit trees are blooming. This pear is loaded with delicate white blossoms and the honey bees are working it. Beneath the tree is a fairyland carpet of petals.


Our flock of roving guineas is already working hard at chasing down springtime insects. We are so thankful to have these hungry birds running our insect control program! Although they usually travel together through the pastures, garden and orchards, I snapped this lone bird resting by herself in the cow pasture this morning.


And the bluebonnets are looking great! We should start seeing blooms all around Pecan Bluff in early April. Welcome, spring!


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