Watermelon smoothies

Watermelon “jam” ~ the perfect addition to smoothies!

Last summer, during the height of watermelon season, we decided to try our hand at making some watermelon jam. I’d read that watermelon jam can be quite finicky and getting the texture right can be difficult. So,  I wasn’t too surprised when we ended up with some lovely, glistening jars of watermelon syrup ~ definitely not jam consistency. Since we’d spent a whole afternoon working on it, we shelved it in the pantry anyway in the hopes that we’d find a use for it. A few months later I was making fruit and veggie smoothies and realized I needed a splash of juice to thin them out a bit. After scouring the pantry, I grabbed a jar of watermelon “jam” and poured some in the blender with frozen tomatoes, fresh spinach, and frozen cantaloup. The kids loved it! It had all the flavor of  a fresh watermelon, which was a really pleasant addition to a wintertime smoothie.

Since we are coming to the end of the watermelon harvest, we want to make sure to put up some more of this special ingredient. And we look forward to that great splash of summer flavor in our smoothies when it’s cold outside.

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