Order Red Wigglers

We now ship Red Wiggler Composting Worms!

Click here to order your Red Wigglers and have them shipped to your door! We ship in the continental U.S., using the United States Postal Service.

Local customers, call us at 254-717-9314 to order your Red Wigglers!

We are no longer regular vendors at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market, so local customers please contact us to find out how to pick up your composting worms. 

We sell healthy Red Wiggler composting worms in two convenient packages for our local customers. We back every purchase with a printed information sheet to get you started, plus our email or phone assistance if you need advice on helping your worms thrive. Let us help you start composting and turn your trash into beautiful soil for your yard and garden!


Red Wiggler Composting Kit – $35


The kit is perfect if you want to try out composting on a small scale or if you don’t have a yard or garden compost pile. It’s also great for folks who do have compost piles for their gardening, but would also like a convenient spot to compost lunch leftovers at work! Kits are complete with air holes, cover, newspaper bedding, compost, and a healthy population of active worms~ you just start adding your scraps and the worms will do their thing. This complete composting system can be tucked anywhere: under a desk, in a closet, under the kitchen sink, or on the porch.  Place your kit in a shady spot, give it a little squirt of water once a week, and toss in your scraps! That’s it!



Red Wiggler Composting Worms – $30


Our bucket of worms is a hearty batch of worms of all ages, from eggs to adult. The bucket of composting worms can be added to new or existing compost piles or bins. Unlike other types of worms, our Red Wigglers don’t like to tunnel or crawl away, so they will stay in your compost pile. Just keep it reasonably moist and feed them your scraps ~ the worms will do the rest!

Call 254-717-9314 and we will be happy to help you.

If you need your worms delivered, please click on the Red Wiggler Worms button to order. We ship anywhere in the continental USA.

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