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Pecan Bluff Farm Bakery Menu 2015

Treat yourself to our homemade sweet treats.

We bake everything fresh, with our own wholesome farm fresh ingredients.

Pecan Bluff Farm Bakery will be honored to help make your meal or party extra special!


Always available for special order:

Soft Sugar Cookies: Extra large chewy sugar cookies with colorful sprinkles, reminiscent of Grandma’s best ~ $18 per dozen

Chewy Chocolate Chip: Big, classic chewy chocolate chip cookies ~ $20  per dozen

Gram’s Poppy Seed Cake:  Festive glazed bundt cake bursting with citrus and poppyseed flavor serves 24 ~ $34

Lemongrass Pound Cake: Elegantly glazed pound cake with the bright flavors of our home grown lemongrass ~ serves 24 ~ $32

Coconut Cream Cake: Packed with real coconut flavor, this triple layer cake is toped with dreamy buttercream frosting and toasted coconut ~ serves 12 very generous slices, or 16 dainty slices ~ $32

Coconut Cream Cupcakes: All the goodness of our cake, but in perfect portions for a party ~ $19 per dozen

Red Velvet Cupcakes: Our secret recipe for this classic favorite makes them irresistible ~ $19 per dozen

Amish White Bread: Tender, old fashioned yeast bread that slices beautifully and is everybody’s favorite 8.5″ x 4″  loaf ~ $12

Autumn Seasonal Specialties (Available September through December)

Butternut Braided Bread: Tender, delicious, elegant golden braid chocked full of our farm fresh butternut squash ~ $18 large loaf


Holiday Seasonal Specialties (Available November through January)

Iced Gingerbread Men: Our irresistible soft and chewy gingerbread cookies taste as great as they look ~ $23 per dozen

Cranberry Nut Bread: 8″ x 4″ Beautiful sweet holiday bread baked with our delicious native pecans and tangy cranberries ~ $13

Iced Sugar Cookie Christmas Trees: Our soft and chewy old fashioned sugar cookies iced beautifully for Christmas ~ $25

Visit us on FB to see more of our goodies. Or see the cupcake page for more about our specialty cupcakes!

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