Happy New Year!

Sarah- cowgirl hat

Sarah, 9 years old

It’s a beautiful, sunny winter day here at the farm. Winter still has its daily work, and Haden and Houston have been hard at it. They’ve managed to keep the Red Wiggler composting worms healthy and happy through even the coldest nights.  And even in the cold months, all the animals have to be tended well each day. On mornings when the water troughs are frozen, the guys are the ones who have to chop ice off at daylight, bless their hearts. Most of the laying hens are in full molt still, so eggs are at a premium around here. The kids get used to eating all the eggs they want, so molt season is a reminder to be thankful for the bounty that spring brings!

Our heritage hogs are doing great. They are happy in the chilly temps, as long as their bellies are full. They are growing well and are enjoying all the winter garden scraps, including the trimmings after we harvested lots of cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli. And they love to eat tasty pumpkins. This year’s pecan and acorn crops were lean, so we look forward to the possibilities of bumper crops next year.

Raelynn is enjoying her first year of college and doing well. We are proud of her, and are glad she has stayed close to home. She is majoring in Agriculture. Haden is in his sophomore year and is considering a career in veterinary science. Houston is also a sophomore, and has his eye on the engineering field. Both teens are already such wonderful farmers, we imagine that farming is in their blood now and they won’t stray far from the land. Sarah is a little farm girl through and through. She wakes every morning ready to tackle the chores of the day. She also willingly tackles her third-grade school work, but her heart is always in the garden. She has a million questions, and is well on her way to asking them all. Mike and I enjoy keeping up with this crew.

We’ll keep on growing good things, and may you and yours have a blessed new year!

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