Growing at the Farm

Raelynn is our eldest child. She is one pretty amazing fourteen-year-old. She is Chief Operating Officer for Pecan Bluff Farm. Of course, she has the most responsibility in the business and she is a good example for her siblings as they all learn together.

Raelynn loves to grow things, and she has really enjoyed her herbs this season. Since she is already a great cook, she likes to share recipes and ideas with her customers on how to incorporate more fresh herbs in their meals. She is a natural at sales! She’s also very creative ~ she has lists of ideas and projects she just can’t wait to learn, make, and try. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to do all the interesting things she’d like to do.

When she’s not gardening Raelynn likes to bless us with her violin music, play with her sister Sarah, chase her brothers around, or whip up a snack for everyone.

Raelynn is Chief Operating Officer. She is fourteen and this girl knows how to work!

All the herbs are thriving.

This was her first year to make grape juice for our family. It was delish!

She has to baby the stevia she grows ~ it needs attention in this heat. But her customers are thrilled to find a fresh source of this natural sweetener!

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