Composting Kits and Composting Worms

We love to compost here at the farm. Practically every single scrap at Pecan Bluff is put to good use. Some garden scraps go to the goats, Milly and Sadie. Others are fed to the chickens, who love to see us coming with garden leftovers. And some of our scraps go to our Red Wiggler worms.  They even make good use of our ground up egg shells, as they use the calcium to lay more worm eggs. Our worms can turn just about anything into beautiful, rich worm castings, which then feed our plants.

IMG_1561So yesterday we did a little research and development with our friends at Waco Downtown Farmers Market. We wanted to see if everyone else is as excited about turning waste into something great. As it turns out, you all are excited about composting, too – so very excited, that we sold out of all our new Pecan Bluff Farm Composting Kits and Pecan Bluff Farm Red Wigglers well before lunch time. Y’all are amazing! And one customer even drove all the way from Killeen to snag some fresh, healthy living Red Wigglers to rev up his composting at home. Yay!

So, the worms will be back at market. We are thrilled to share anything that will help you start composting at home to turn your waste into something beautiful for your garden or flowerbeds. Let us know how we can help! We have two options for your composting fun, so choose the option that works for you.

Pecan Bluff Farm Composting Kits

130223_0001 - Version 2Pecan Bluff Farm Composting Kits are handy, complete worm bins you can tuck in a closet, under your kitchen sink, in the garage, or in a shady spot in the yard. You can even tuck one under your desk at work and toss your lunch scraps in! No one will guess you have worms working for you. Healthy compost never smells bad, but instead has a pleasant, mild, earthy odor. And our composting kits are complete with air holes, cover, newspaper bedding, compost, food to get your bin started, and all stages of worms from eggs up to adult ~ you just start adding your scraps and the worms will do their thing.



Pecan Bluff Farm Composting Worms 

130223_0001We also have buckets of standard run Red Wigglers for those of you with larger compost piles or bins. This means we package a bucket full of very active and healthy worms in all stages of life. When you buy a bucket you are getting worm eggs that will soon hatch, very young worms ready to eat voraciously as they grow, and adult worms ready to lay more eggs. And since Pecan Bluff Red Wigglers are still in the composting media they love, they will be healthy and vigorous when they reach your compost pile.

Red Wigglers are the ideal composter, as they won’t wriggle away, and they convert scraps quickly to castings. If your compost pile or bin seems to have gone dormant or converts waste too slowly for your taste, you can add a bucket of Pecan Bluff Composting Worms to it and heat things back up again.

And every purchase of composting supplies comes with our support and email and phone number so you can contact us with your questions. We want you to have a great time composting!

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