Business at the Farm

Our three eldest children, Raelynn, Haden, and Houston started their farm business in December 2011. In just a few months they have grown it into an amazing enterprise that has filled a need for delicious, healthful, natural, local products grown right here in central Texas. We are so proud of their hard work and diligence. Starting a business is no small feat, and we’ve learned so much along the way with them. It’s a blessing that they have so many loyal customers at the Waco Downtown Farmers Market each week!

Houston is ten years old and is Pecan Bluff Farm’s Chief Accounting Officer. This was a the natural choice for him, as he loves all things math! And our farm is a great place for an adventurous eater like Houston. He will try just about anything, and likes almost everything we grow. When you grow something yourself, it tastes especially good.

Houston is Chief Accounting Officer. He is ten years old, and he keeps track of the financial details and pitches in wherever needed!

Houston loves the financial aspects of the farm business. He has a real gift for it. He keeps track of the books for us and has learned to make change for customers at lightening speed. He is also an amazing young entomologist and can catch and identify most of the critters we find here. In his spare time he can be found engineering complicated projects, identifying wildlife tracks he finds, making up jokes or puzzles, and doing mental math problems just for kicks.

He is also a very hard worker at whatever farm task is assigned, and he does each job well and completely. Around here there is always plenty of work to go around, so his willingness to cheerfully help out is a true blessing for our family.

Can you see Houston at the far end of this row?


Houston (front) and brother Haden with their first carrot crop last spring

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