Animals on the Farm

Haden is ten years old and serves as Chief Production Officer. That means he has the important daily task of caring for all the animals here. And he has a gift for caring for our animals! No matter how hot it is, Haden is always ready and willing to go check on everyone ~ and he takes his job seriously. He is the first kid up each morning and he cheerfully starts his chores while it’s nice and cool out. His goats, hens, chicks and dogs are in good hands. He is the first to notice if any of the livestock are feeling under the weather, and he watches everyone closely for any problems. He fills feeders and waterers, loves on everyone, and passes out treats with a smile.

In his spare time Haden can be found creating lego machines, reading, or playing guitar. He also loves to help with anything that Dad is doing! He is a blessing to our family and we are thankful for him.

Haden is Chief Production Officer. He is ten years old and this boy loves his animals! He takes great care of everyone, from baby chicks on up. He is truly talented when it comes to animal husbandry.

One of Haden’s responsibilities is taking care of our two Great Pyrenees pups, Angel and Gabby. These big girls are learning to be livestock guardian dogs who can keep predators away from our pastured poultry and goats. They are showing great instincts, and we consider them valuable team members! They know that Haden is looking out for them and they love him dearly.

This is our sweet Gabby. She looks like she’s licking her chops ~ appropriate, because she does love a snack!

Angel and Gabby, hanging out at the hen house.

Angel is so calm and easy going, and shows wonderful instincts in caring for her livestock.

Here you can see the hens, the pups, and the goats, Jake and Milly.

Up close and personal :)

Roadtrip to Cameron to pick up a new batch of baby chicks on the day they hatched!

Here are the fluffy babies, checking out their new home.

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