Amazing Pecans

IMG_1481The pecan crop of 2012-2013 is nothing short of amazing. I grew up with these beautiful trees on our farm and I don’t remember ever seeing so many pecans! Here is Houston with one of our big pecans~ they are huge and old, each one full of character. Of all the things I love about Pecan Bluff Farm, these trees are one of my favorites.IMG_1492

We believe these stately trees are at least 150 years old. That means that while they put down roots here near the Brazos River, the Waco Suspension Bridge was built and opened, the first trains came to Waco, Paul Quinn College opened, and Dr. Pepper was first mixed at the Old Corner Drug in town. They grew while Baylor University moved to Waco, Camp MacArthur was established, and the Bosque River dam was constructed to create Lake Waco. They survived that terrible day in 1953 when a tornado blazed its path of death and destruction through downtown.

IMG_0262             IMG_1480

Today they grace us with beautiful bark and twisting limbs, filled with delicious fruit that covers the ground while more hangs in the trees ready to fall with the next big wind. Their bold, bare limbs in the winter twist against a clear blue sky and add dimension to a sometimes bleak winter landscape.

And we look forward to layers of cool, deep shade under our pecans as they provide a most welcomed reprieve from the hammering heat of summer.

What a wonderful gift, these trees.

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